What You Need to Know About Duct Cleaning

The average homeowner probably doesn’t think about the air ducts snaking their way through their homes very often. This makes sense! After all, ductwork is typically hidden from view for a reason. You shouldn’t really need to think about the condition of your ventilation system too often. However, they will eventually need some attention. True, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of your HVAC systems, but there are a few things we’d like you to know about dirty ductwork and how it impacts both your indoor air quality and HVAC efficacy.

Professional duct cleaning from our team is a way to clear out your air ducts and make it easier for air to move through each and every day, making the use of your air conditioner or furnace possible. If you’re wondering if duct cleaning is really worth it, the answer is yes! Read on to learn more.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The primary reason many homeowners do schedule duct cleaning is to help improve their indoor air quality. While your HVAC systems do have air filters, these air filters are in place to protect the HVAC systems themselves from dirt, dust, and other debris that can harm their components.

Maybe you also have indoor air quality products in place, like an air purifier. This is a great help for your indoor air quality, but the system is placed at the return duct, where air first enters your HVAC system. This means that the rest of your ductwork goes mostly unprotected.

Therefore, particles such as dirt and debris, allergens, irritants, and germs can get inside your ductwork through things like cracks in the ductwork, through your vents, or even just from years of going untouched. Professional duct cleaning does require a trained and experienced HVAC technician, and trusting a pro for the job means it will be done effectively and reliably.

Help Your HVAC System Perform Better

All the dirt and debris likely sitting in your air ducts right now might be interfering with the performance of your forced-air AC system and heater. The most efficient HVAC systems either cool or heat the air, then blow it back out to the rooms of your home via the most direct route–your ductwork. So if that ductwork is too dirty, it can create friction and resistance that will slow down the air.

If your air ducts get too dirty, ultimately you’ll be paying more for heating and air conditioning than you should have to. Even worse, letting ductwork go unchecked for too many years doesn’t allow us to check for potential damage. You might have major leaks allowing conditioned air to escape into unoccupied parts of your home.

Always Trust a Pro

As we mentioned above, you should only ever trust a professional for this kind of work. Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who will claim to do duct cleaning but don’t have the HVAC training and knowledge to do it effectively and thoroughly.

To schedule your professional duct cleaning in Waycross, GA, contact HendrixAir, Inc. Delivering friendly, five-star service, every time!

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