Our Priority Club

What Makes Us Different

Other contractors like to make grand claims about their HVAC services, but then don’t deliver. You may have already run into one of these contractors who offers low-ball quotes but then hands you a bill loaded with hidden fees they didn’t bring up in the initial quote. Maybe you’ve dealt with a contractor who’s work philosophy is “fix it and forget it,” where they show up to solve a problem but don’t give any follow-up when you need it. Worse, they won’t even explain to you what service they’re providing so you won’t know if you’re getting the work you actually need for your home or business.

HendrixAir, Inc. is the opposite! We always provide upfront pricing with no later “sticker-shock” surprises. We take the time necessary to keep open lines of communication with you when we’re on a job, so you always know what we’re doing. We believe that any HVAC service we provide should be informative and educational for you, the customer. Our technicians will never leave you hanging without any follow-up: our procedures are personalized for your needs so you’re satisfied before, during, and after your HVAC services.

The Benefits of Membership in Our Priority Club

Joining our Priority Club gives you more than just excellent maintenance with two (2) full-service HVAC tune-ups a year. You’ll also receive these membership benefits:

A warranty compliance check—we’ll make sure the equipment warranty stays in place!

Priority service—we put you first in line when you need help

20% off all repairs

Lifetime warranty on our Platinum repairs

No overtime charges on weekends or after hours

The Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance for your air conditioner in spring and your heater in fall will ensure their finest performance. Maintenance pays you back in numerous ways:

Lower operating costs

Reduced repair needs

Extended equipment life

Better cooling and heating

Warranty protection

Peace of mind

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