Should You Replace Your Central AC with a Ductless System?

When you live somewhere as warm as we do, you want comfort, first and foremost. This might be the only thing you consider when purchasing an air conditioner. But you also know that cooling your home can get quite expensive, especially in our hot summer months. There’s only so much you can control as to how efficient your air conditioner is, including having professional maintenance done on the system, and changing the air filter on a regular basis.

So what if we told you that getting a new type of air conditioner altogether could lower your monthly utility bills? The good news is, it can! And you can get a system that also functions as a heater, which will help you reduce energy during our short but chilly winters too. That system is the ductless system, which we’ll talk about more below. Read on to learn the benefits of these systems. Ductless Systems Work on Heat Pump Technology

If you’ve never had a heat pump, then you might be wondering how this is beneficial. Well, heat pumps operate very similarly to central air conditioners. They function as cooling systems by drawing heat out of your home, chilling air through a refrigerant process, and then returning that chilled air into your home through a series of ductwork and blower fans. The difference between a heat pump system and a central air conditioner is that the refrigerant process can be reversed. This means they can function as heaters as well as air conditioners. In fact, they function more efficiently as heaters than furnaces do. This is because while furnaces have to generate heat, heat pumps transfer it, which draws less energy.

This automatically makes a ductless heat pump system highly efficient, reducing your monthly energy bills. Ductless Systems Eliminate Indoor Air Quality Problems.  Now, ductless air conditioners do not eliminate all indoor air quality issues. For example, if your home suffers from high humidity, as many Georgia homes do, then you’ll want to look into the installation of a whole-house dehumidifier.

But there is one indoor air quality problem in particular that you’ll never have to worry about if you invest in a ductless HVAC system–and that’s dirty or damaged ductwork. Breached ductwork can allow many contaminants into your home. This includes dust, dander, and outside pollutants such as pollen, and they can even lead to air loss. Breached ductwork can leak out as much as 30% of the conditioned air that you’re otherwise paying for.

Ductless systems, as their name implies, don’t use ducts, so this simply isn’t a problem. Ductless Air Handlers Can Work Independently.  Each ductless system has an outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor air handlers, all of which can be controlled independently from each other. This means that if you want more cooling in one room of your home, you don’t need to blast your AC and cool down the entire home. This is highly efficient, and what will make the biggest difference in lowering your energy bills.

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