Help! My AC System Isn’t Cooling

Summer has only just begun, but that doesn’t mean much when you live in a climate like ours! Fortunately, you have a powerful and effective air conditioner to keep you cool, right? Wait, what’s that? Yours isn’t keeping you as cool as it is supposed to?

That is definitely a frustrating problem to have. Your air conditioner has one job. At this point, you may be ready to give our team a call for quality AC repair. But before you do, we have a couple of things for you to check first. There might be an easy fix for your AC malfunction! If it is more serious and requires our team to come, we’ll be there ASAP. Read on as we uncover a few of the reasons your air conditioner might not be cooling as it should.

A Dirty Air Filter

Now, you might be wondering why or how this could cause an air conditioner problem. After all, air filters are in place to protect your indoor air quality! At least, that’s what most people think. This air filter, however–the one that comes standard with your HVAC systems–is in place for a different reason. It is there to prevent dust, dirt, and other particles from getting inside the air conditioner (or heater) and damaging its sensitive components.

Your cooling system draws hot air from your home into the unit and expels it outside. But if the air filter gets too dirty, or rather it gets clogged up, then it restricts that airflow, and the evaporator coil won’t be able to absorb heat as it should, which is what makes the cooling process possible. Your HVAC air filter is something you should be checking on and changing (or cleaning, in the case of a permanent air filter) every 1-3 months. Timing depends on the type of air filter and the level of particles in your home. For instance, a home with a basic mesh filter and pet hair may need a filter change more often than a home with a pleated HVAC air filter and no pets.

A Thermostat Issue

Sometimes, a problem with an air conditioner isn’t a problem with the air conditioner at all. “Wha?” you might be wondering at this point… Your thermostat may be set incorrectly. Check on it and ensure it’s in cooling mode, and that it’s set to a preferred temperature. Honestly sometimes solving the problem is as easy as finding out which member of your household has different cooling preferences and messed with the settings! Another possibility is that the thermostat is miscalibrated and is incorrectly reading the temperature. If this is the case, you will need to give us a call.

When To Call Us…

If you’ve checked both the air filter and the thermostat, and both seem to be operating fine, then it’s time to call us. Problems that might be occurring include a refrigerant leak, a broken fan or blower motor, or even a malfunctioning or broken compressor motor. These are not problems you can repair on your own, as doing so could damage the system further and void whatever warranty you have in place. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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