Breathe The Best Air Possible

Energy efficiency is a highly desirable trait in modern properties, so builders are making new homes and business properties more airtight to reduce energy loss. However, this increase in air tightness leads to pollutants getting trapped inside, creating poor indoor air quality (IAQ).

Poor air quality in turn leads to health problems like allergies, sinus infections and increased asthma symptoms. Hendrix Air provides reliable IAQ solutions to improve your air quality and protect your health.

Our IAQ solutions include:

  • Air & Furnace Filters

  • Air Purifiers

  • Humidifiers

  • Dehumidifiers

  • Air Cleaners

  • Whole House Ventilation Systems

Between work, school, running errands and relaxing at home, you spend as much as 90% of your time indoors, so good indoor air quality is crucial to ensuring your long-term health. Make sure you have clean indoor air with low levels of contaminants and the right level of humidity by scheduling an air quality review with Hendrix Air today.

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