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HVAC Maintenance Plans near Brunswick, GA

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One of the most important services we offer our customers is regular maintenance on their HVAC systems. Without these annual tune-ups and inspections, a heater and air conditioner in a house will rapidly decline, waste money, and create numerous repair problems.

Think of HendrixAir, Inc. as the family doctor for your home comfort system: when you sign up for regular maintenance as part of our Priority Club, we’ll give your HVAC system the quality check-ups it needs for a long life providing you with cool summers and warm winters in your house.

Contact our team today to sign up for our Brunswick, GA HVAC maintenance program. We deliver friendly, five-star service every time!

The Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Maintenance for your air conditioner in spring and your heater in fall will ensure their finest performance. Maintenance pays you back in numerous ways:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced repair needs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Better cooling and heating
  • Warranty protection
  • Peace of mind

We always have your best interests at heart, and regular maintenance for your HVAC system is how we can see you truly have the best when it comes to home comfort!

The Benefits of Membership in Our Priority Club

Joining our Priority Club gives you more than just excellent maintenance with two (2) full-service HVAC tune-ups a year. You’ll also receive these membership benefits:

  • A warranty compliance check—we’ll make sure the equipment warranty stays in place!
  • Priority service—we put you first in line when you need help.
  • 20% off all repairs.
  • Lifetime warranty on our Platinum repairs.
  • No overtime charges on weekends or after hours.

Call the friendly team at HendrixAir, Inc. to learn more about our Priority Club and to sign up.

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