“Should I Have Professional Duct Cleaning Done?”

If you’re anything like the average Brunswick area homeowner, you probably don’t think about your air ducts very much, and we don’t blame you. They’re hidden out of sight for a reason–they’re not exactly the prettiest thing to look at after all. However, it is important that this important HVAC component gets some attention. We don’t expect you to know all the ins and outs of your ductwork, but there is one important question we get that we want to answer. That question is usually worded as “Should I have professional duct cleaning done” or “Is professional duct cleaning even worth it?”

Yes, and yes! Professional duct cleaning helps not only your indoor air quality, but it improves overall HVAC performance. Read on to learn more!

How Duct Cleaning Helps Your Indoor Air Quality

The primary reason most homeowners choose to schedule professional duct cleaning is in order to improve their overall indoor air quality. Before you have the chance to ask, no, your HVAC air filter is not adequate for this job. The purpose of that air filter is actually to protect the HVAC system itself from dust, dirt, and other debris that can get inside and damage its sensitive components. You also may have indoor air quality products in place such as whole home air filtration or an air purifier. That’s great! Duct cleaning is still an important service, however.

Contaminants such as allergens like dust or pollen, germs, pet dander, and even household fumes and cigarette smoke can infiltrate your air ducts, causing a buildup of odorous debris. Professional duct cleaning allows our HVAC technicians to completely suck out all the debris, which means that allergens, germs, and bacteria are less likely to infiltrate your home.

Professional Duct Cleaning Helps HVAC Performance

All of the dust and other debris that may be resting in your air ducts right now might also be interfering with the performance of your forced-air HVAC systems. Your air conditioner operates by pulling in hot air from your home, putting it through a refrigerant process, and then returning chilled air to your living space. During this, the smallest of pinhole leaks in the ductwork can allow debris inside, and that debris can be reintroduced to your living space, no matter how many indoor air quality products you have or how high efficiency that standard HVAC air filter is.

If your ductwork is too dirty, you might actually find yourself paying more for heating and air conditioning than you should have to. Worse than this, there’s a good chance that your air ducts have leaks, and you could use one of our professionals to assess whether any part of your ductwork actually may need replacement–which we can help with! Only Trust Qualified Professionals. Anyone can claim to do duct cleaning and then not actually do a thorough enough job, or not know how to look for signs of ductwork damage that could be leading to inefficient HVAC operation. This is why you should only trust trained, licensed, and qualified professionals for jobs of this scope.

For quality duct cleaning service in Brunswick, GA and the surrounding communities, contact HendrixAir, Inc.

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