It’s Time to Call for AC Repair When…

Air conditioning repair is one of those services you don’t want to have a need for, but when the need arises you want a qualified team to handle. You may be tempted to put off any repair needs for a more convenient time, or when your budget allows for it more. But this can end up doing more harm than good. You risk small repair needs turning into a full-on breakdown or at least a larger, more expensive repair need. And this could happen right when you need your system the most, right in the middle of summer.

We encourage our customers to take care of their cooling systems as soon as they realize they need service. But, how can you tell when this is the case for you? You’re not an AC expert after all, that’s our job! You can, however, learn the basics, and know the signs of when it’s time to call a professional. We’ve shared those signs below! It’s time to call us for AC repair when…

Your Air Conditioner Is Failing to Keep You Cool

You might think this is a pretty obvious sign, but it’s one that gets brushed off, believe it or not. On really hot days, a homeowner may assume that the reason their air conditioner is blowing out lukewarm air is that it’s struggling to beat the outside heat. While you’re right to consider how the outdoor temperature plays a role in how cool your air conditioner can get your home, you should never feel lukewarm air coming from the vents when your AC is running. If this is the case, you may have a refrigerant leak that isn’t allowing the air to get chilled to begin with, or you might have ductwork damage that is disallowing the chilled air from reaching your living space.

Your Energy Bills Are Higher Than Average

Take a look at what you paid for your energy use this same time last year. Also, take a look at what you’re paying compared to your neighbors. Are your energy bills drastically higher? If this is consistent, it’s a sign that something in your home is operating inefficiently, and it may very well be your air conditioner. After all, your HVAC systems account for about 50% of your home’s entire energy use. There may be a simple explanation that’s easy to remedy, but you won’t know until you have the problem looked at by a pro–so give us a call!

Your System is Cycling On and Off Rapidly

This process is known as short-cycling, and it is both a symptom of a problem and the cause of more AC problems. What happens is your air conditioner is turning on, running very briefly, then cycling back off before it completes a full cooling cycle, only to repeat the process a minute later. This exacerbates wear and tear, plus it warns you of a couple of things that could be going on inside your system. Short-cycling is usually related to an internal electrical problem, and our team is qualified to inspect and determine what the problem is so we can safely fix it.

HendrixAir, Inc. is the only company in our area that offers multiple options on AC repairs in Brunswick, GA and beyond. Contact us today to schedule your AC services!

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