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How Your Ducts Can Steal Money From You


You may not realize it, but you could have a thief lurking in the walls and attic of your home. A sneaky thief who only lifts a bit of money here and there so you aren’t likely to notice it at first. But it adds up!.

You can’t find this thief with a security system or a diligent hunt at night with a flashlight. Most of the time, you can’t even see this thief, no matter how hard you look. That’s because this thief is already part of your house: the ductwork of your HVAC system that’s hidden from sight.

How can your ducts steal money from you? It’s simple: if the ducts have gaps or leaks, they’ll start quietly ripping you off.

But there’s good news—you can arrange for duct repair in Brunswick, GA with our team and stop this thief before it can pilfer more of your money.

Why Leaky Ducts Cost You Money

It’s easy to think of the ductwork of your home as basically sound. That’s because you don’t see it regularly. It does its job out of sight, so you’ll imagine that it’s in fine shape.

But ductwork often suffers from leaks. Poorly installed ducts will sag and start to tear open. Corrosion weakens metal ductwork. Increased air pressure in the ventilation system forces open holes. Construction work can make gapping. Insects and vermin easily poke air leaks into the duct walls.

Each of these leaks will allow air inside the ductwork to escape, ending up inside the walls or the attic where it won’t do your household any good. Imagine using the energy of your HVAC system to heat and cool the attic. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

It means you’ll pay to heat and cool air that’s going nowhere. When you look at your energy bills each month, how much of that dollar amount is due to air getting out of the ductwork? The answer might surprise you, since up to 30% of the air in a ventilation system can escape through air leaks. 

Leaks in ducts also affect the performance of the HVAC system in general. Ducts are supposed to have an airtight seal along their length. This helps the HVAC system maintain air pressure through the ductwork. When the seal is broken, air pressure drops, and that means lower airflow from the vents that will decrease comfort.

Those leaks can also allow contaminants to get into the ductwork and into your living space—so this thief can also threaten your health!

Duct Repair to the Rescue

If you’re concerned that your home has duct leaks, the first step is to call our team to schedule duct testing. We can determine if your house has leaky air ducts and to what extent.

Once we’ve done that, we can handle the necessary duct repair to seal up the ductwork and restore its airtight seal. We use the best, most advanced tools available to ensure you have a great HVAC system once more. 

Reach out to HendrixAir, Inc. for duct repair services. Delivering friendly, five-star service, every time!

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