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It’s Not Too Late to Schedule Heating Maintenance


Maintenance for your home heating system is one of the most important home services you can schedule. The best time to have this job done each year is in the fall. You’ll beat the arrival of the cold weather and be able to enjoy the full benefits of maintenance.

It’s already the second week of December, and you’re likely busy with a long list of various holiday jobs and preparations. Everyone’s schedules get a bit tangled this season, but don’t let that push aside your heating maintenance. Don’t shrug it off because it’s later in the season. December isn’t too late for heating maintenance, and it’s much better to schedule it a bit late than to skip it entirely.

Having Maintenance Done is Quite Easy!

Even with a packed December schedule, you can still have your heating system given a proper tune-up and inspection without much difficulty. All it takes is to get in touch with our team and set up an appointment. We’ll take it from there. We’ll come to your house on the scheduled date and handle all the work, which takes from one to two hours and won’t get in your way at all. 

We offer a special maintenance program, The Priority Club, to simplify this service evenmore. As a member, you’ll also receive regular maintenance for your air conditioning system in spring. The Club also includes special perks like a 20% discount on all repairs, priority service scheduling, a warranty compliance check on your equipment, and no overtime charges on weekends or after-hours. 

Maintenance is a Key Part of Home Heating Safety

There are many reasons to have maintenance done each year and never skip it, but the most important is that it helps keep your heater working safely. This is especially important for gas-powered heaters like furnaces, which can turn hazardous if they’re neglected year after year. During maintenance, we do safety checks of your heating system so we can catch early any potential current or future danger to your family.

Maintenance Keeps Your Heater Running for as Long as Possible

Another reason to keep up with annual heating maintenance is that it rewards you with a heater that works for longer. Lack of routine maintenance can cause a heating system to fail years before it should—sometimes around half of its estimated service life. This means that a gas furnace that should deliver 15 years of reliable service may need to be replaced after only eight years. 

Maintenance Reduces Repair Needs

The same way that maintenance extends equipment life by lowering strain on a heater, it also reduces the amount of repairs the heater may need during its service life. More than 50% of heating system repairs are due to neglect, so with maintenance you can wipe out more than half of the repairs that would otherwise trouble you. 

We’re the Waycross, GA heating and air contractor to trust with your HVAC maintenance needs. Call HendrixAir, Inc. today to schedule. Delivering friendly, five-star service, every time!

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