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The “V” in HVAC is more important than many realize. Moving air can transport a lot of unwanted dust, spores and other unwanted small particles through your ventilation. These particles stick to the ducts, grow and then dislodge to reinvade your air. Most people don’t even think about their ducts, but it is too important a part of your heating and cooling system to overlook.

Rely on Hendrix Air for air duct cleaning that leaves your ducts spotless without causing damage.

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When to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Having your ducts cleaned periodically is a good idea, but there are also specific circumstances that warrant a professional cleaning:

  • Vermin – If you have a rodent problem or have recently had one, your ducts are unfortunately a great place for mouse and rat activity. Droppings, dander, fur and other rodent waste are harmful for your indoor air quality.
  • Visible Mold – If you can see growth in/around your ducts or heating and cooling unit, you definitely have a problem that needs to be tackled.
  • Visible Dust Coming From Ducts – You might not always see the dust that floats around in your air, but if you do, that probably means that the dust has built up a lot.

If these three conditions exist, you probably have another issue that also needs to be looked at. A pest invasion is obvious, but mold can suggest excess humidity, and the dust could be due to an old filter. A professional can easily tell you if this might be the case.

If you don’t have any of these three conditions, you’ll be eligible for a cleaning if:

  • You have never had one.
  • Can’t remember when you had one last.
  • Haven’t had one in 3 – 5 years.
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